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Sorting your finances

Whether you’re a seller buying another property, or are buying through us, it could be one of the biggest investments, you’ll ever make. If – like many of us – your purchase is to be funded by a mortgage, then it’s important you get the right information about what mortgages are available, interest rates, repayments and so on.

Cox & Co has established connections with local independent financial advisors who can help you navigate the entire process, and because we wouldn’t recommend an advisor that we wouldn’t use ourselves, we can confidently say that they will help you to get the deal that best suits your purchase and your pocket. We can arrange for you to sit down with a financial advisor for an informal and confidential discussion to see how they can help.

Mortgage Affordability Calculator

Work out the kind of mortgage you can afford. Use our mortgage affordability calculator to work out how much you can borrow and what kind of deposit you need for a mortgage. How much your monthly repayments might be based on interest rates a potential lender is offering.

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